Why do your 6 GPU and 9 GPU rigs consist of several 3 GPU rigs, each with its own power supply, CPU, and motherboard? Why not make one big rig with 6 GPUs?

Our first rig models were equipped with 6 GPUs, one power supply, and one motherboard.

After additional testing and feedback from our customers, our engineers have concluded that this design has several major disadvantages.

Compared to mining rigs with one motherboard and one power supply, our mining rigs are better in several key areas:

1. Reliability.
A 1600 power supply that is used for 6 GPU rig operates under the maximum rated load or even slightly above it, so the power supply can deteriorate relatively quickly.
In our case, you will receive 2 1000W power supply, for a total power of 2000W.

2. Flexibility
If you connect a 1600W mining rig into a regular home power outlet, there is a risk to overload the electrical system, so the breaker will often cut out the power because the electrical system is already used at the maximum capacity, so you would not be able to connect any additional electrical appliances.
With 1000W mining rigs, you will have more flexibility, because you can place your rigs in different places at your home and the electrical system would not be overloaded.

3. Heat dissipation.
A smaller mining rig produces less heat, so you can place them more effectively and there would be no need to constantly run the AC to cool the rigs.

4. Shipping and transportation.
6 GPU rigs are very heavy and have a greater risk to be damaged in shipping.
If you are buying a 6 GPU mining rig, the changes that it would be bend and damaged in shipping are higher.
We ship all the rigs in industrial heavy duty packaging, each rig as a separate package, so there is no risk to receive a damaged rig.

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