SharkOS features

SharkMining is one of a kind company developing operating system designed for mining rigs only.

SharkOS – served-grade Linux based operating systems with smart control and protection features.

Most of mining rigs on the market are based on Windows operating system. Desktop operating system like Windows is not designed for use cases like mining. You will get frequent freezes, unstable mining experience and lower mining speed.


SharkOS Features:

  • Stable and fast thanks to server-grade architecture.

  • 3X times faster graphics cards and other hardware detecting time.

  • User friendly interface designed for beginners.
  • New coins support.
    Our developers team constantly working on adding new coins. Our customers will get the latest updates using our SharkOS software update server. Developed by SharkMining.

  • Graphics cards overheating protection. Developed by SharkMining.
    Will protect GPUs from damages in case of AC failure or during hot days.

  • Touchscreen support. Developed by SharkMining.
    Order SharkMining rig with touchscreen option and get even more features.
    You can control the power of mining rig with a touch of a button and see real-time parameters of fan speed, power consumption and others. No need to control remotely or use external monitor, mouse, and keyboard!

  • Smart fans control system. Developed by SharkMining.
    Keep the fan noise low and cooling effective

  • Internet connection protection. Developed by SharkMining.
    Check that internet connection is active or reboot the computer automatically.

  • SharkOS remote update server. Developed by SharkMining.
    We are working on new features, new hardware support and new coins support. Our remote update feature will keep your SharkOS up to date. 
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