What are the difference between Shark GPU mining rigs and ASIC miners?

Shark GPU miners

20-30% higher price


• ASIC protection from coin developers
Mining coins using graphics cards is a standard way to mine the coins. GPU miners supported by all the coin developers.With GPU miner you can be always sure that your investment will work for you for a long time.

• Quiet
Low noise 51.3 dba
Can be placed in the apartment/home/office

• Temperature
Generate less heat
65-70C = 149F

• Warranty
90-180 Days warranty by SharkMining (US based)
Additional 3-10 years manufacture warranty for each part (US based) 

• Customer support
US-based customer support over the 1-800 phone or email.

• Resale value
High resale value.
If you decide to sell your mining rig you have a high resale value. 
You can sell or use the rig as a gaming PCs, workstation and you will recover up to 60–90% of the investment.

• Coins Support
Support multiple coins
More than 100 GPUs mineable coins
More coins coming every month and supported by GPUs.

• Build quality
We use high reputable brands like Asus, MSI, EVGA for parts.


ASIC Miners


• Low price


• ASIC protection from coin developers
Recently many coin developers have released software update (forks) against the ASIC miners. After the release of the software update, the coin is no more minable using ASICs and the coins became ASIC resistant.
After coin became ASIC resistant it can't be mined using ASIC anymore.
if the coin became ASIC resistant you will get a "brick" which may never pay for itself.
More and more coins announced support to be ASIC resistant.

• Temperature
Hight operating temperature:
 75 C = 167F

• Noise
Very noisy - 87.4 dba
Can not be used in an apartment or home/office environment

• Warranty
Warranty provided only in China
You have to ship the product to China and wait for 3-5 weeks with a high risk of package loss

• Customer support:
No customer support provided

• Resale Value
No resale value
After product will be outdated or discontinued or new miners will be released you will lose 80% of the price

• Available coins for mining
Only one coin

• Build quality
Cheap parts, no name.

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