What will I need to prepare ahead of time while I’m waiting for my mining rigs to arrive?

Here is the checklist:

• A standard 20A 120V US outlet. On outlet for one mining rig. 

• A place to accommodate the rig. Just a spot on the floor for 1-2 rigs or a rack if want to use many rigs in the same location. The place should have adequate ventilation or, in a warm climate, air conditioning.

• Internet connection via Ethernet cable.  1 Mbit internet speed would be enough no matter how many rigs you have. Wi-fi usually does not provide the stable low latency connection that is required for mining, so we do not recommend using Wi-Fi.

• Accounts - install wallets for coins you plan to mine. You will get all the recommendation about the best wallet option in the included guide when your rig will arrive.

• You need a monitor, USB mouse and USB keyboard on the first run to enter the wallet address. After entering the wallet address, you can remotely monitor your mining rig from any computer, laptop or smartphone.

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