What benefit does the BixonBOX offer and why don’t I just build my own eGPU with cheaper options? Why should I pay more for a BixonBOX?


  • Custom Plug-and-Play Configurations
    There are numerous ways to DIY an eGPU configuration using a chassis. In that, purchasing a BizonBOX will save you time, as it is one of the only true ‘Plug-and-Play options on the market.
    When you purchase a BizonBOX, you are also buying our knowledge, experience, product warranty, and customer support.
    Our customers do not have to spend hours researching setups, reading online forums, testing configurations, soldering wires, locating and buying proper components, coding driver support via the Command line or Terminal window, or drilling and cutting custom cases.
    The BizonBOX is a true Plug-and-Play solution, just insert the GPU, connect the chassis to your hardware, and install the drivers.


  • Customer Support
    At BIZON, we have a specialized and dedicated support team ready to help you if you encounter setup issues or hardware problems.
    If for any reason you run into problems setting up or using your BizonBOX you will not have to waste your time searching for a solution on the Internet that may not address your particular issue(s), we help pinpoint your exact problem and provide solutions in a timely manner.
    With over six years of development experience, we are confident we can assist you in any situation.


  • Product Warranties
    BizonBOX comes with a one-year limited warranty, which can be extended to two years for an additional cost.
    DIY eGPU projects are all at your own risk, you immediately void manufacturers' warranties when you modify DIY project parts. If something goes wrong it is a total loss to you.


  • Quality Assurance

         We test every single BizonBOX before we ship them out to ensure it is a working unit.

  • Detailed Installation Instructions and User Manual
    Each BizonBOX comes with a detailed installation instruction booklet and user manual to get you up and running a quickly as possible


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