Why should I purchase the BizonBOX and not buy a different chassis made by a different manufacture?

Most chassis (Sonnet, Magma, and others) are designed for standard PCI-E cards like network, sound cards, etc. and do not support or offer compatibility for graphics card acceleration.
Other options do not offer proper cooling, wattages for power, or PCI-E connections required to use desktop class GPUs.
The BizonBOX is specifically designed for graphics cards.

Features of the BizonBOX and Differences:

  • The chassis is precisely milled for efficient cooling
  • Custom fitted with a powerful and stable 200W/400W power supply (vs. 70W maximum)
  • Offers two PCI-E power connections (vs. no PCI-E connections)
  • Custom milled GPU housing to provide proper cooling (vs. not enough airflow for GPUs)
  • Detailed Installation Guide and excellent customer service.

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