Can I use the BizonBOX with a graphics card I already own?

Yes, but we highly recommend to buy one of our bundles.

NOTE: Installing your own GPU into the BizonBOX requires careful insertion and assembly skills. You may be liable for any damages that occur and will not be covered under our limited warranty. In addition, improper installation can cause damage to your GPU. If you are not able to install your own GPU, it is highly recommended that you purchase your BizonBOX with a preinstalled GPU.

NOTE #2: GTX 9xx and TITAN X are no more produced by NVIDIA. We understand that GTX 9xx and TITAN X are the most powerful graphics cards with macOS support on the market and nothing can replace them. That is why BIZON has special contracts, and we keep GTX 9xx and Titan X graphics cards in stock.
All of the GTX 9xx and TITAN X available on the market will be in used or refurbished conditions with no or limited warranty. It's a big risk.
Buying complete BizonBOX bundle with a graphics card from us you are completely covered and get full 1–Year warranty (2–Year Extended option available).

When installing your own GPU, please be aware of the following:

  • Graphics card dimension. More details »

  • Power supply requirements. More details »

  • Drivers support and graphics card recommendations.
    macOS/OS X:
    Limited support. Ensure that your GPU is supported. More details »

    With above recommendations met, any graphics card is supported if driver are provided by the manufacture.
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